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Cristina Savulescu is a self-trained Romanian fashion designer. From an early age, she has loved painting, and through learning how to draw the human figure, she developed a deep understanding of the structure and the proportions of the female body.

Cristina launched her brand in March 2013, at the age of 23. Women instantly fell in love with her philosophy and she began to design for the most prominent celebrities in Romania. Very soon, her dresses were featured in leading fashion magazines.

In 2015, Cristina Savulescu was nominated by Elle Magazine as Best Young Designer. The same year, she began her international expansion; her gowns are now present in boutiques and concept stores in the USA, the Middle East and Europe.

Working from the beginning with the finest and most innovative fabrics, the most delicate laces, using couture techniques and handmade embroideries, Cristina’s mission is to create a luxury product by mixing the contemporary with the retro vibe. She has a personal approach to the 50s figure and glamour, and every gown holds in tension the old and the new, sensuality and mystery.

Her main sources of inspiration are women characters, classic beauties who changed perceptions, women who expressed fierce power without losing their femininity. Being a woman, she understands women’s demands, and their need for beauty of the most classic kind. She also understands the practical aspect of a gown: it should flatter a woman’s body and its concept shouldn’t interfere with the main purpose of a dress – the celebration of femininity.

Cristina likes to believe that when a woman puts on one of her gowns, she instantly turns into another character; this is her mission, to make women connect with their alter ego, to slip into another dimension of themselves, their very sensual side.

Cristina Savulescu’s studio is located in the centre of Bucharest, in a beautiful historic building. Her team of pattern makers and dressmakers are constantly working to transform her thousands of sketches into palpable reality.

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